Garcinia Cambogia extract is taken from the fruit of the garcinia cambogia trees. These trees are native to Indonesia, but are also found in India, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The fruit looks like a small pumpkin, and is yellow in color. These fruits have been used for centuries in various different recipes all over Southeast Asia, where they are known for their appetite suppressant and fat burning capabilities. In this Garcinia Cambogia review, you will learn about how this supplement works.

garcinia cambogia bottleHCA is an active ingredient in this extract, which mainly works through impeding the growth of the citrate cleavage enzyme in liver. What this means is that when you take these supplements, your liver converts the sugar and carbohydrates from your food into energy, rather than storing it as fat. The HCA accomplishes this by blocking citrate lysase in your liver that is responsible for converting sugar into fat. In other words, it helps convert sugar into glycogen, which is an important energy source for your muscles.

Garcinia cambogia is not just a good fat burner, but also works efficiently as appetite suppressant. This happens mainly because of the chemical changes that occur in blood stream, which can ultimately lead to a rise in serotonin. This hormone is a mood enhancer, which is helpful in controlling cravings and emotional eating. This also contributes to a significant drop in belly fat, as it suppresses the stress hormone known as cortisol. Increased levels of this stress hormone have been proven to cause weight gain, especially around the tummy and mid-section area.

According to a research study, participants who took these supplements were believed to have experienced a spike in lean muscle mass, and a drop in fat. This causes the body to work more efficiently so as to be able to burn fat more quickly and effectively. Muscle burns around 30 to 40 calories per day, while fat buns only 3 calories a day.

This extract has been shown to carry no side-effects and is a safe choice for most adults. These supplements, however are not recommended for children, or breast-feeding women. These supplements must not be consumed if you are a diabetic, mainly because of the ability of the HCA to lower blood sugar levels. HCA must not be used in conjunction with cholesterol, statin, or heart issues. People with Alzheimer’s disease should avoid HCA, as it can create acetylcholine in the brain that can counteract with prescription drugs. With that said, if you are a healthy adult, and want to shed those extra pounds of fat, then you must consider using this supplement. Thanks for reading this garcinia cambogia dr oz review :)

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