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Your 21 Day Fix Eating Plan Guide

If you are looking to start following a healthy lifestyle, then you need to start by changing your diet. Unfortunately, many diet plans are unrestrictive and unappealing, which makes them extremely difficult to stick to. That’s where 21 Day Fix comes into play.
This eating plan has been carefully designed to take into account the dietary needs of different kinds of people, so that everyone is fully catered to at all times. This eating plan design is flexible, meaning that you won’t be limited on what you can eat. The truth is that this eating plan doesn’t even feel like a diet. That is why we will look at more of what 21 Day Fix has to offer you.

Portion Control

As you might already know, most diets restrict the amount of calories that you can consume. 21 Day Fix does not think that this method is effective for weight loss, and that is why they use a portion control system. What this means is that you can only eat a certain portion of each food group daily. No more counting calories, this portion control system is easy and efficient to follow.

Color-Coded Containers

So you might be asking yourself, how does the portion control system work? Do you have to guess the portion of your food? Well, no! 21 Day Fix comes with 7 containers, which are color-coded.
Your only job is to measure your food using the container that corresponds to each container, and only eat the amount of food that fits within the container. This prevents overeating, as you will not be eating more than what your body requires.

Furthermore, each of the containers is different in size, with the green and purple containers being the largest, and the blue and orange containers being the smallest. You will also find that you are allocated more green and purple containers (as compared to the other containers), ensuring that you consume a healthy amount of veggies and fruits each day.
P.S. These containers are very filling, so you don’t have to worry about going through the day with intense cravings.

Target Calories

Now that you have understood the purpose and function of target calories, you might be wondering how many containers are allocated to you each day. After all, someone who weighs 100lbs cannot be consuming the same amount of food as someone who weighs 150lbs.
That is where target calories come in. Once you calculate your target calories using the calculation I have provided below, you will be able to determine how many containers are allocated to you daily.

Calculation: (Your current weight x 11) – 350 = Your target calories

You will fall into one of four target calories groups: 1200-1499 calories, 1500-1799 calories, 1800-2099 calories, and 2100-2300 calories. You can find more info here. As you can imagine, the 1200-1499 calories group has the lowest amount of containers, while the 2100-2300 calories group has the highest amount of containers.
You can then use the 21 Day Fix eating plan guide to determine the exact break down of containers.

21 Day Fix Eating Plan Guide

That’s all you need to know for now; as you can see, this eating plan is one of a kind.

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Insanity Max: 30 Calendar

The calendar is an important element in this program. It keeps you on track in regard with the workouts. The entire program takes two months and each month has its own activities. In the first month, the insanity max 30 workout plan involves two cardio routine challenges, two intense strength workouts and an extreme Friday challenge. The following is what you expect in the first month:

First Month Calendar


Cardio Challenge

This is the most intense cardio routine in the insanity max 30 program. This workout involves a 30 minute of moves facilitating burning of calories. It is not easy to dedicate all the thirty minutes because of the intense nature of the exercises. However, you should do your best to exploit fully your potential and capacity.

Sweat Intervals

After you have exhausted cardio challenge, you will start working on sweat intervals. They involve thirty minutes of sweat inducing exercises and calorie burning which will give you drenched.

Tabata Power

In this workout, you are required to be very active for twenty seconds and rest for the ten minutes as per the principle one famous Tabata. The results will be series of routines which will exert the muscles properly.

Tabata Strength

As you move from one level to another, the exercises become more insane. In particular, Tabata strength has no rest period. You are required to push all the workouts without rest till the end of thirty minutes.

Friday Fight Round 1

The last activity in the first month of insanity max 30 is Friday fight round 1. This is an amazing time challenge and is meant to examine whether your willpower can overcome the extreme nature of the workouts.

Second Month Calendar

The second month involves explosive routines which build on just concluded workouts in the first month. The following are major activities that you expect in the second month:

Max Out Cardio

Believe me this can turn out to be workout crazy. It is used to test the capacity of your max out to the fullest.

Max Out Sweat

This is a sweat induced routine which is set to burn as much calories as you keep on it. It will leave you real worn out but, drenched in sweater but feel better at the end of the day.

Max Out Power

This is another workout which seems to be interesting and easy. It involves plyometrics routines in an interval format. It requires you to be active for forty five seconds then granted fifteen seconds to rest.

Max Out Strength

Just like we described max out power above, max out strength uses a similar interval format which targets your chest, arms and shoulders.

Friday Fight Round 2

This is the second phase of Friday fight that you witnessed in the first month. Just like other workouts, Friday fight round 2 is indeed crazy and intense. This will be the ultimate body versus mind challenge.

These are all activities involved in the insanity max 30 programs. They are all spread over sixty days and every day counts. It is not advisable to miss any day’ workouts as this will negatively affect the end results.

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Tips for Men’s Sexual Health

Tips for Men’s Sexual Health

We all want to be (and stay) healthy, and in a lot of cases, many people try to take care of themselves by getting regular exercise, watching what they eat and managing the stress in their lives. The thing is that many men are unaware that they could also take care of their sexual health and they can prevent problems before they happen.

We are going to show you 8 tips for maximum sexual health:

  • 1. You need to eat a healthy foodA lot of men are surprised when they learn that food they eat can affect their sexual performance. The thing is that you will keep your “sexual” system in good working order by eating healthy foods that are low in fats and high in nutrients.  Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, lean cuts of meat and low-fat milk.
  • 2. You must have regular exercise! If you are that guy who lives a “couch potato” lifestyle, you could soon find yourself with sexual problems. And you don’t want that. If you get up and move, you will be taking an active role in maintaining your sexual health.  First, you need to check with your physician, and after that you can start a program of regular exercise that includes jogging, cycling, any cardio exercise that you find enjoyable.MensPushUps
  • 3. You must stop smokingThe main cause of sexual dysfunction in men can be a smoking. Many doctors agree with that.  The majority of men who suffer from ED are smokers, and also smoking can decrease sperm quality and count. If you didn’t know smoking damages the small arteries that feed blood to the penis, and making it difficult sometimes to maintain an erection.
  • 4. You must reduce your alcohol intakeAlthough you enjoy the buzz you feel when you are drunk or when you are drinking alcohol beverages, do not forget that you are putting yourself at risk for ED.  Maybe alcohol make you feel sexier, but it also causes some erection problems, reduces libido and very often damages the ability to have an orgasm.
  • 5. You need to learn how to manage stress in your lifeStress can leave you feeling worried, exhausted, very nervous and uptight and also can lead to sexual problems. Your life will soon feel as if it is out of control, if you let stress to manage your life, instead of the other way around.  You need to learn stress management techniques, and you need to find ways to handle sadness and anger. By doing that you will be do your part to maintain your sexual health.stress_ruining_your_life
  • 6. You should use lubricants Men often experience a gradual loss of sensitivity in their penis, as they grow older.  But lubricants can help men with this problem to increase a freer range of motion, and to raise sexual enjoyment.
  • 7. You must avoid illegal substancesSadly, some men will take illegal drugs to get high, because they think that will increase their sexual experience.  But it has the opposite effect in most cases. Avoid illegal substances if you want to avoid ED!
  • 8. Try to maintain a positive attitudeMen who have a positive attitude in life also enjoy a problem free sex life as well. Enjoy the benefits by adjusting your attitude to a positive one!
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