If you are looking to start following a healthy lifestyle, then you need to start by changing your diet. Unfortunately, many diet plans are unrestrictive and unappealing, which makes them extremely difficult to stick to. That’s where 21 Day Fix comes into play.
This eating plan has been carefully designed to take into account the dietary needs of different kinds of people, so that everyone is fully catered to at all times. This eating plan design is flexible, meaning that you won’t be limited on what you can eat. The truth is that this eating plan doesn’t even feel like a diet. That is why we will look at more of what 21 Day Fix has to offer you.

Portion Control

As you might already know, most diets restrict the amount of calories that you can consume. 21 Day Fix does not think that this method is effective for weight loss, and that is why they use a portion control system. What this means is that you can only eat a certain portion of each food group daily. No more counting calories, this portion control system is easy and efficient to follow.

Color-Coded Containers

So you might be asking yourself, how does the portion control system work? Do you have to guess the portion of your food? Well, no! 21 Day Fix comes with 7 containers, which are color-coded.
Your only job is to measure your food using the container that corresponds to each container, and only eat the amount of food that fits within the container. This prevents overeating, as you will not be eating more than what your body requires.

Furthermore, each of the containers is different in size, with the green and purple containers being the largest, and the blue and orange containers being the smallest. You will also find that you are allocated more green and purple containers (as compared to the other containers), ensuring that you consume a healthy amount of veggies and fruits each day.
P.S. These containers are very filling, so you don’t have to worry about going through the day with intense cravings.

Target Calories

Now that you have understood the purpose and function of target calories, you might be wondering how many containers are allocated to you each day. After all, someone who weighs 100lbs cannot be consuming the same amount of food as someone who weighs 150lbs.
That is where target calories come in. Once you calculate your target calories using the calculation I have provided below, you will be able to determine how many containers are allocated to you daily.

Calculation: (Your current weight x 11) – 350 = Your target calories

You will fall into one of four target calories groups: 1200-1499 calories, 1500-1799 calories, 1800-2099 calories, and 2100-2300 calories. You can find more info here. As you can imagine, the 1200-1499 calories group has the lowest amount of containers, while the 2100-2300 calories group has the highest amount of containers.
You can then use the 21 Day Fix eating plan guide to determine the exact break down of containers.

21 Day Fix Eating Plan Guide

That’s all you need to know for now; as you can see, this eating plan is one of a kind.

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