Once you sign up for the master’s hammer and chisel, you will not only be taking part in the amazing nutritional program, you will be taking part in the intensive fitness program as well. I forgive you if you did not know about the fitness aspect, many people focus solely on the nutritional portion of the master’s hammer and chisel.
That is why I am here today, to let you in on the fitness program, and what it entails for you. Below we will take a look at the master’s hammer and chisel fitness schedule and the specific exercises found in the schedule.
So if you would like to know more about this fitness program read the interesting information below.

the master’s hammer and chisel Fitness Schedule

The fitness schedule provided below has been designed by Autumn Calabrese, and each of the workout sessions lasts 30 minutes. The aim of this workout schedule is to push you to your limits, so that you can lose 15lbs in 21 days. The hope is that even once the 21 days are up, you will continue living an active lifestyle that will keep you at a healthy weight.
As you can also see from the schedule there is an exercise provided for each day of the week, but due to the short duration of the sessions you should have no problem fitting the workouts into your day.

the master’s hammer and chisel schedule

Day 1: T.B.C: Total body cardio
Day 2: Upper fix
Day 3: Barre legs or lower fix
Day 4: Pilates or flat abs
Day 5: Cardio fix
Day 6: Dirty 30
Day 7: Yoga fix

Day 8: T.B.C
Day 9: Upper fix
Day 10: Barre legs or lower fix
Day 11: Pilates or flat abs
Day 12: Cardio fix
Day 13: Dirty 30
Day 14: Yoga fix

Day 15: T.B.C + an optional double of Pilates fix
Day 16: Upper fix + an optional double of cardio fix
Day 17: Barre legs/ lower fix + an optional double of 10 minutes fix for abs
Day 18: Pilates fix/ flat abs + an optional double of Total body cardio
Day 19: Cardio fix + an optional double of upper fix
Day 20: Dirty 30 + an optional double of Pilates fix
Day 21: Yoga fix

Maintaining a healthy body calls for one to sacrifice a lot and get out of their comfort zone. With the 21day fix plan, achieving the objectives and goals set will totally depend on the individual who has chosen the plan. Here I shall help you with the master’s hammer and chisel tips that will ensure you stick to the program and enjoy the end results. The tips will help you approach dieting differently since the process has been simplified to ensure you enjoy your eating.

the master’s hammer and chisel Fitness Routines

The fitness routines of the master’s hammer and chisel program are intense and challenging, and their aim is to help you burn maximum fat and calories withing the 30 minute time period. These routines also build muscle, and promote core strength.
The routines are low-impact, meaning that there is little chance of you getting injured. There are 6 main workouts provided by the master’s hammer and chisel, as well as 2 bonus workouts that can be rotated into the schedule.

These workouts include:
1. T.B.C: A complete body workout that keeps you heart rate and metabolism up.
2. Upper Fix: Resistance training routines that sculpt your back, chest, shoulders, arms, and core.
3. Lower Fix: Resistance training routines for your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.
4. Pilates Fix: A Pilates-style workout that helps to strengthen your core, tighten up your hips and glutes, and elongate your muscles.
5. Cardio Fix: A heart pumping routine that will leave your entire body drenched in sweat.
6. Yoga Fix: A yoga-style workout that helps with balance, strength, and flexibility, in addition to helping with circulation and recovery time.

1. 10 Minute Fix for Abs: A routine aimed at shaping your abs
2. Dirty 30: 8 fat-burning exercises that promote a lean and strong body

the master’s hammer and chisel Tips and Tricks

1. Always ensure you remember your goals.

Since the program is a bit tiresome and demanding at times, reminding yourself of what you want to achieve at the end will keep you motivated and stick to the program. The result of losing weight should always be at the back of your mind.

2. Diversify your diet

We all know how sick it can be to stick to the same type of food. In case you purpose to go to the end of the program, make use of the many recipes available in the meal planner. The recipes will help you come up with various meals that are good and still stick to your goals.

3. Prepare yourself

While undertaking the workouts and combining them with the dieting, at times it might be a challenge if you fail to plan. Not every meal will be good while you have some workout to do. When you understand what is ahead of you in the program, you will be able to plan and prepare a meal that is good for that activity.

4. Be in the right company

When I talk about the company, I’m referring to those people you surround yourself with while undertaking the program. The people should be able to motivate you and give you the confidence to ensure you stick to the program. Always have like-minded people who will always be there to share ideas and inspiration. You can join online groups of people who also are under the same program.

5. Stick to the program

As demanding as the program might sound, you should not think of cheating your way out in any way. Any cheat has its setback, and all the rest of the program might be null and void. As I said earlier, the success of the program depends on your self-discipline and hence you have to speak to yourself to ensure you stick to the road.

6. Ensure you have a blank weekly meal planning worksheet

By having the weekly meal plan, it will ensure that you have your nutrients well spread out throughout the week. You can as well divide your containers by meal; think of having them up between meals and snacks. The program should help you stick to a healthy eating pattern. Make sure you plan each of your meals as well.

7. Treat yourself

You are not under medication my friend. Having a one treat in a week is an option to ensure you enjoy the program. The booklet on the program comes to a place where it says that you can replace some of the containers you are to take with drinks and treats. You can opt to replace one of the yellow containers with a drink of your choice; wine, milk or even some juice.


You asked what the master’s hammer and chisel fitness review was, and I believe that I sufficiently answered the question. You can get more information by following this website to start planning your workouts. Best of luck on this journey!

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