The calendar is an important element in this program. It keeps you on track in regard with the workouts. The entire program takes two months and each month has its own activities. In the first month, the insanity max 30 workout plan involves two cardio routine challenges, two intense strength workouts and an extreme Friday challenge. The following is what you expect in the first month:

First Month Calendar


Cardio Challenge

This is the most intense cardio routine in the insanity max 30 program. This workout involves a 30 minute of moves facilitating burning of calories. It is not easy to dedicate all the thirty minutes because of the intense nature of the exercises. However, you should do your best to exploit fully your potential and capacity.

Sweat Intervals

After you have exhausted cardio challenge, you will start working on sweat intervals. They involve thirty minutes of sweat inducing exercises and calorie burning which will give you drenched.

Tabata Power

In this workout, you are required to be very active for twenty seconds and rest for the ten minutes as per the principle one famous Tabata. The results will be series of routines which will exert the muscles properly.

Tabata Strength

As you move from one level to another, the exercises become more insane. In particular, Tabata strength has no rest period. You are required to push all the workouts without rest till the end of thirty minutes.

Friday Fight Round 1

The last activity in the first month of insanity max 30 is Friday fight round 1. This is an amazing time challenge and is meant to examine whether your willpower can overcome the extreme nature of the workouts.

Second Month Calendar

The second month involves explosive routines which build on just concluded workouts in the first month. The following are major activities that you expect in the second month:

Max Out Cardio

Believe me this can turn out to be workout crazy. It is used to test the capacity of your max out to the fullest.

Max Out Sweat

This is a sweat induced routine which is set to burn as much calories as you keep on it. It will leave you real worn out but, drenched in sweater but feel better at the end of the day.

Max Out Power

This is another workout which seems to be interesting and easy. It involves plyometrics routines in an interval format. It requires you to be active for forty five seconds then granted fifteen seconds to rest.

Max Out Strength

Just like we described max out power above, max out strength uses a similar interval format which targets your chest, arms and shoulders.

Friday Fight Round 2

This is the second phase of Friday fight that you witnessed in the first month. Just like other workouts, Friday fight round 2 is indeed crazy and intense. This will be the ultimate body versus mind challenge.

These are all activities involved in the insanity max 30 programs. They are all spread over sixty days and every day counts. It is not advisable to miss any day’ workouts as this will negatively affect the end results.

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